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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: need help with Passivetex errors

>>>>> "GG" == Giuseppe Greco <giuseppe.greco@bluewin.ch> writes:

GG> I also have problems with passivetex...  I'm not able to generate
GG> PDF output with xsl-stylesheet 1.54.1 at all... (the FO file seems
GG> to be OK, so i do not think the problem is xsltproc) ...but I'm
GG> not sure that the problem is really passivetex.

GG> Is it possible that the problem comes from pdfxmltex?  By the way,
GG> I decided to wait awhile until passivetex/pdfxmltex become more
GG> mature. Since I urgently have to complete my project
GG> documentation, I decided to momentanely switch to fop (even if I
GG> do not like java apps).

GG> Keep in touch! I'm really interested in solving this problem.

Giuseppe and Janning,

You probably need to upgrade your PassiveTeX setup to 1.18 (which is
available at: http://www.tei-c.org.uk/Software/passivetex/).  

There were some problems with the old version of PassiveTeX (related
to <fo:static-content>) and with 1.53.0 of the stylesheets that Bob
Stayton identified and fixed:


However, with the release of 1.54.1 and PassiveTeX 1.18, these changes
mentioned in the above Tracker have, I think, been merged into their
respective main releases, so you should simply be able to upgrade your
PassiveTeX setup, if you already have 1.54.1.

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 11:28, Janning Vygen wrote:

JV> I 've suse7.3 with passivetex and libxslt. versions: -
JV> passivetex-2001.1.10-14 - docbook-xsl-1.54.1 - Using libxml 20424,
JV> libxslt 10020 and libexslt 711 - and a very simple docbook
JV> document which validates

Janning Vygen: you currently have the 2001.1.10 version (which is
looks to be somewhere around version 1.4) to 1.18 release (date stamp
of 2002-06-25).  Of course, there's good chance that SuSE may not have
a new RPM for PassiveTeX, so you might have to build an RPM yourself.

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