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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: need help with Passivetex errors

>>>>> "AL" == Alex Lancaster <alexl@users.sourceforge.net> writes:


AL> Giuseppe and Janning,

AL> You probably need to upgrade your PassiveTeX setup to 1.18 (which
AL> is available at: http://www.tei-c.org.uk/Software/passivetex/).

AL> There were some problems with the old version of PassiveTeX
AL> (related to <fo:static-content>) and with 1.53.0 of the
AL> stylesheets that Bob Stayton identified and fixed:

AL> http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=593600&group_id=21935&atid=373747

AL> However, with the release of 1.54.1 and PassiveTeX 1.18, these
AL> changes mentioned in the above Tracker have, I think, been merged
AL> into their respective main releases, so you should simply be able
AL> to upgrade your PassiveTeX setup, if you already have 1.54.1.

Erm, scratch that, you will need the PassiveTeX patches.  I just
checked my setup, and the version that fixes the FO problems is 1.19,
which hasn't "officially" been released.  So you'll have to manually
install the fixes to PassiveTeX that Bob provides as downloads in the
SourceForge tracker request (URL given above).

[PS, what I did on my Red Hat 7.3 machine, was to package up the
changes to 1.18 in a new passivetex.zip file, changed the spec file
version of the passivetex RPM to 1.19 and then rebuilt the rpm (using
"rpm -ba") using the new passivetex.zip.  This resulted in a new RPM
that I could simply "upgrade" (using "rpm -Uvh"), since the RPM spec
file already has all the logic to rebuild the .fmt files, and
overwrites the old files in a clean way, so you don't have two
installations of passivetex to get confused by.  It also means I don't
have to worry about all that !@%$#& TeX voodoo or manually changing
any files under '/usr/{lib,share,include,bin}' which should only be
touched by rpm.  Since SuSE uses RPM, I'm sure something similar
should work for SuSE, but your mileage may vary...]

  Alex Lancaster | Free Software Developer:  savannah.gnu.org, sourceforge.net

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