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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: need help with Passivetex errors (part 1 of 2))

Janning asks:


What about Passivetex rendering: Are there any /many problems like
this? Or can you really generate a printable PDF for real life (which
means: it looks very fine)

Are there any webpages which compares FOP/PassiveText/XEP (are there
any others?) with showing real world pdfs to look at?


I've found (as Giuseppe noted in his last response to this thread) that
PassiveTeX renders a decent PDF as long as no tables are involved. My

DocBook XSL 1.53.0
xsltproc (libxml22-2.4.24/libxslt-1.20)
PassiveTeX 1.18 (with Bob Stayton's updates to fotex.sty and fotex.xmt)
teTeX 1.0.7 (the -38.2 RPM from December 2001)
pdfTeX (Web2C 3.14159-0.14h-released-20010417

See the attached zip files for an example pdf rendered from the included
example xml. I'm not thrilled with the rendering of the informaltable, but
it's usable.

(See attached file: pdftest.zip)

Dennis Grace

Information Developer
IBM Linux Technology Center
(512) 838-3937  T/L 678-3937  cell: (512)-296-7830

There are only 10 kinds of people in the world: those who understand binary
and those who don't.

Attachment: pdftest.zip
Description: Zip archive

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