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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: need help with Passivetex errors

>>>>> "JV" == Janning Vygen <vygen@gmx.de> writes:

JV> Thanks very much for your detailed explanations. I gonna take this
JV> challenge as soon as i got the time.

JV> I tried FOP already and the rendering isnt as nice as i expected.
JV> example: the pagenumbering in the table of content doesnt look
JV> very nice.

JV> What about Passivetex rendering: Are there any /many problems like
JV> this? Or can you really generate a printable PDF for real life
JV> (which means: it looks very fine)

You can get good looking PDFs out of PassiveTeX and think to TOC is
better rendered than in Fop.

JV> Are there any webpages which compares FOP/PassiveText/XEP (are
JV> there any others?) with showing real world pdfs to look at?

I wish! ;-) My totally unscientific and anecdotal observation is that
PassiveTeX tends to render fonts, spacing and math well (it can do
inline LaTeX equations using the right extensions), whereas Fop is
somewhat better on tables and graphics.

  Alex Lancaster | Free Software Developer:  savannah.gnu.org, sourceforge.net

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