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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: itemizedlist and compact spacing

Michael Wiedmann wrote:
> <snip/>
> I want same of my <itemizedlist>s to appear in 'compact spacing'
> and thus markup these <itemizedlist>s with an 'spacing="compact"'
> attribute which gets transformed by the stylesheets to 
> '<ul type="disc" compact>'.

Is this the syntax you are expecting/using or is this what is generated? 
I don't think it is correct; attribute/value pair you quote earlier is 
the right syntax, I believe.

> But at least Mozilla makes no difference in displaying such HTML
> compared to 'ul' w/o 'compact'.

This is probably a FAQ, certainly the question has come up before.

Assuming we are transforming to HTML:

Do your <li>s contain <p>s? If so, the <p> element and its margin and 
padding characteristics may be overiding the spacing="compact" 
characteristic. You can check this by putting a CSS rule within a 
<style> element in the <head> of your document or into your external 

li p {padding:0; margin:0;}

and see what changes, if any, occur. Manipulate this rule to refine the 
spacing if you want to affect the <p> child of <li> or change the <p> 
characterisitcs overall with a p {} rule.

If you are viewing XML according to DocBook, you would substitute <para> 
for <p> in the selector.

Regards.                   ...edN

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