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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: PSGML mode

Fredrik Svensson <fred@ludd.luth.se> writes:

> I would like to set up so that I can use entities on the fly when pressing
> a strange german character like for example  (&ouml;), so I don't have to
> write six characters to get one character.

From the manual:

Translating between characters and entity references

   Set the variable `sgml-display-char-list-filename' to a file that
contains mappings between all characters present in the presentation
character set, and their "standard replacement text" names, e.g. "" ->
"[aring ]", e.t.c.

   The default value for this variable is `iso88591.map'.

   Then use the functions (also in the Modify menu)


   to translate between entities and characters.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- cut here -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

You can access both these commands in the "Modify" menu.

> Idealy I'd like the original character to be displayed by emacs but
> the entity written to file.

Maybe, one can do it with write-file-hooks resp. write-file-functions.
Perhaps you can find hints in the Psgmls mailinglist archive:


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