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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: align="center"

Scott Chapal wrote:
> I am using docbook slides 3.0b1 to generate HTML.
> For some reason, I can't get the align="center" to work properly on
> imagedata ie.:
>       <mediaobject>
> 	<imageobject>
> 	  <imagedata
>                 fileref="./graph.png" format="PNG" align="center"/>
> 	</imageobject>
>       </mediaobject>
> Results in the image placement on the left.
> But...
> 		fileref="./graph.png" format="PNG"align="right"/>
> works as expected, with image on the right.

What browser are you using to review the output?

The 'align' attribute is deprecated in CSS2. There is a 'text-align' 
style characteristic, but it's not used for doing what you want to do, 
i.e. center a block in the browser window or page.

I think these changes will be reflected in the behaviour of "modern" 
browsers such as IE6 (at least in standards mode) and in 
Mozilla/Netscape 7, particularly if your DOCTYPE is xhtml.

To center an <img> block (or any other block displayed element) in html 
or xhtml, you need to do two things:
1. specify the 'width' of the image area with a length or percentage value
2. set the margin-left and margin-right values of the <img> style to "auto"


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