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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Annotations Tags

>From: Stephan Wiesner <stephan@stephan-wiesner.de>
>To: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
>Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Annotations Tags
>Date: Sun, 22 Sep 2002 07:42:04 +0200
>Hi list, another tag, I can't find :-)
>My documents contain annotations entered by readers. They have a
>mailadress, a name, date and some text. Which docbook tag might I use
>for them? Note is not good, as I use this a lot.

Well, remark would be natural solution to this, with the appropriate value 
for the role attribute (e.g. 'reader', 'author', 'editor', etc., depending 
on how selectively you want to filter these).

I'd suggest that the reader info would be better organized in a separate 
section than per remark (also, remarks can't directly contain 
'segmentedlist's).  You could annotate each remark with either 
'authorinitials' or the name of the author (and the date).  In an appendix, 
for example, you could index a list of submitters w/ the name or 
'authorinitials' of the submitter (I'd make this a 'variablelist').  Each 
varlistentry/listitem could contain a segmentedlist (with a single 
'seglistitem'), with a 'seg' for each piece of submitter info (i.e. name, 
mailaddress, etc.).  Perhaps a more natural way to do it is to put all the 
information in a giant segmented list, and include the 'authorinitials' as 
the first seg of each entry.

Remarks can contain xrefs, so you could use those to link from the remark to 
the corresponding entry in the feedback submitter list.  That would also 
force you to be sure to add an entry to that list, every time you entered a 
new remark.

A 'quote' can be nested in 'remark', and might provide reasonably formatting 
of 'author' or 'authorinitials'.

If you *really* want to keep the author info coupled to each remark, you 
could put a segmentedlist inside a para in the authorblurb contained in the 
author element of the quote.  You might have to adjust the stylesheets to do 
something reasonable, with that.


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