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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Customizing a book title page


I've asked this before but I never got any anwser so here I am trying

I need to have a title page for my thesis (written as a book) with a
bunch of stuff (name of the University, Faculty, Department, etc).

Once someone told me that I had to customize the
book-titlepage-recto-elements list, wich I have. It now looks like this:

(define (book-titlepage-recto-elements)
  (list (normalize "title") 
        (normalize "subtitle") 
	(normalize "graphic") 
	  (normalize "mediaobject")
	(normalize "corpauthor")
        (normalize "authorgroup") 
        (normalize "author") 
	  (normalize "editor")  
        (normalize "orgname")  
        (normalize "orgdiv")))

The same person also told me that i needed to garantee that there a
processing instruction for every tag that i mentioned in the previous
list and I believe that there is, ex:

   ((equal? (gi (node-list-first nl)) (normalize "orgdiv"))
                 (book-titlepage-div (node-list-first nl) side))


(define (book-titlepage-orgname node side)
  (book-titlepage-element node side))
(define (book-titlepage-orgdiv node side) 
  (book-titlepage-element node side))

My xml source has:

<book status="draft" lang="pt">
  <title>Um sistema "peer-to-peer" para monitorização de redes</title>
      <orgname>Universidade Nova de Lisboa</orgname>
      <orgdiv>Faculdade de Ciências Tecnologia</orgdiv>

When I transform this to pdf (both with Jade and OpenJade) all I get is
the Title and my name. Does anyone have a clue on what I may be missing?

        Mario Filipe 

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