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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Uniq values of "ID" attributes

[I'm escaping to the apps list]

Vitaly Ostanin <vyt@vzljot.ru> writes:

>>>Yes, but for separated documents we must to use:
>>>for it be unique.
>> Not if you make the id's relate to the document subject?
>> id values do not need the document path.
> For example, we may have chapters "network" in "user" and "admin" parts.

Delay the issue until combining the docs.

Then prefix every ID in "user" with "u." and in "admin" with "a.",
say.  This could be done using Architectural Forms processing or using

> You right, olink is the best way.

Probably.  Or just add a dummy chapter with all missing IDs to the
respective document (cf. David Megginson's book on XML).

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