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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: xmlns attribute in xhtml output...

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/ ed nixon <ed.nixon@lynnparkplace.org> was heard to say:
| Looking at this problem some more this evening. It seems that I will
| get the xmlns attribute in every (x)html element if I leave the output
| method set to "xml"; when I change the output method the "html" the
| xmlns attribute in tags disappears but I'm left with an HTML 4.01
| Transitional DOCTYPE rather than what I want, which is xhtml 1.x
| transitional. XSLTPROC overrides both the doctype-public and
| doctype-system attributes if I set method="html".

Where are you setting this? If you've got a customization layer, make
sure you're pointing at the base xhtml stylesheets if you want xhtml.

| Cross checking with Saxon 6.5 Win32 compiled, I get more or less what
| I want as far as DOCTYPE and xmlns behaviour but it's doing very
| strange things to the <span> elements that surround <em> elements in
| the source.

What strange things?

| How do I turn off all the xmlns stuff and retain the xhtml
| transitional DOCTYPE?

You should get the right thing if you use the xhtml stylesheets. It's
a processor serializer bug if you don't.

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