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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: BUG: docbook-xsl-1.55.0/xhtml/chunk.xsl containsabsolute URL

I have found what appears to be a bug in the DocBook XSL stylesheets version
1.55.0.  The file docbook-xsl-1.55.0/xhtml/chunk.xsl contains the following
pair of xsl:import tags with absolute URLs.

sl" />

These URLs cause the XSLT engine (e.g. xsltproc) to download the referenced
files off the net.  This results in a slow performance when a net connection
is present and a failure when no net connection exists.  To fix the problem,
I replaced the above lines with:

   <xsl:import href="docbook.xsl"/>
   <xsl:import href="chunk-common.xsl"/>


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