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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: abbrev - missing possibility to add the meaning ofan abbreviation

At 09:16 02/10/2002, Stephan Wiesner wrote:
>I use <abbrev> in conjunction with biblio elements. In my oppinion, it
>is not intended as standalone.

> <biblioentry id="biblio_GoF">
>  <abbrev>GoF</abbrev>


Ok, must admit I'd not thought of it being used like so.
I'm far more used to the html application, i.e. as a standalone
inline element (hence I was supportive of the original question,
where's the 'expansion' attribute).

Now I'm a little confused.

<quote src='tdg'>An abbreviation, especially one followed by a period. </quote>

Applicable in both contexts?

I think I'd like the optional attribute which shows an expanded form though.

REgards DaveP

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