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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Slow processing

At 11:12 06/10/2002, David Garnier wrote:
>Sorry if this is a common problem with an obvious solution, but I didn't
>found anything about it.

Its one I'm suffering from at the moment.

If you disconnect from the internet, it will stop altogether (guess)

i.e. it is resolving the DTD's etc from the internet, which does take a while.

You need to get into catalog usage if you want to resolve stuff locally.


>Am I missing something here? Some configuration parameter to specify a
>local cache? It struck me as a serious problem. I kind of works for me,
>but think of the people without a net access.

Not missing it, just need to be told of it?
Try www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook in the catalog section.


>In the meantime, I went ahead and modified the stylesheet to make them
>use local versions of the stylesheets and DTDs.

<grin/> You'll get bored with that if you keep up with the changes,
there are too many files to change :-)

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