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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Chunking changes

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I've just checked in some changes to the way that chunking works.
These changes make it possible to write a customization layer that
changes both the chunking elements and how they appear.

If you've already got a customization layer that changes the chunking
elements, you will probably have to make some updates.

Instead of calling "apply-imports" directly from inside elements like
chunk-all-sections and process-chunk, these templates now expect to be
passed the content as a parameter. The default content for the
parameter is still 'apply-imports', but it's now possible to pass
alternate content.

If you don't update your customization, you'll probably see all of the
chunks processed twice. Apologies, in advance, for the trouble.

                                        Be seeing you,

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                                   | are beyond it.--Pascal
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