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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Rendering DocBook with PHP

> > While we are at it, here is something I would really like to see: a PHP
> > script that could process those XSL stylesheets (using Sablotron I
> > guess).
>   IIRC, Sablotron is not able to process DocBook docments (properly).

I have managed to get Sablotron working with BinaryCloud (made in PHP)
http://binarycloud.com to render DocBook online, on-demand.
Resource intensive, but it works, I use it for our intranet. It is
possible to use cacheing too..
I have only used it for smaller static documents, so it may be correct
that Sablotron still have flaws. I had to change some of DocBook XSL to
make it work with the latest Sablotron on OpenBSD.

I have more plans for this but not enough time.
There is no online editor, but that would not be a problem to create.

Feel free to ask questions about this off-list. You can always summarize
to the list later if you find it usefull..


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