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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Announce: DocBook XSL Stylesheets V1.56.0 Released

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This morning I finally released 1.56.0.


                      DocBook XSL Stylesheet Release Notes

  DocBook Open Repository Team

   $Id: RELEASE-NOTES.xml,v 1.12 2002/10/09 09:45:20 nwalsh Exp $

   08 Oct 2002


   These are the release notes for the DocBook XSL Stylesheets. This file
   documents (mostly) changes to the public APIs. What, exactly, counts as a
   public API is still somewhat in question, but it includes at least the
   global parameters.

   Release 1.56.0

   The 1.56.0 release fixes bugs.

     o Reworked chunking. This will break all existing customizations layers
       that change the chunking algorithm. If you're customizing chunking,
       look at the new "content" parameter that's passed to
       process-chunk-element and friends.

     o Support continued and inherited numeration in orderedlist formatting
       for FOs.

     o Added Thai localization.

     o Tweaked stylesheet documentation stylesheets to link to TDG and the
       parameter references.

     o Allow title on tables of contents ("Table of Contents") to be
       optional. Added new keyword to generate.toc. Support tables of
       contents on sections.

     o Made separate parameters for table borders and table cell borders:
       table.frame.border.color, table.frame.border.style,
       table.frame.border.thickness, table.cell.border.color,
       table.cell.border.style, and table.cell.border.thickness.

     o Suppress formatting of "endofrange" indexterms. This is only
       half-right. They should generate a range, but I haven't figured out
       how to do that yet.

     o Support revdescription. (Bug #582192)

     o Added default.float.class and fixed figure floats. (Bug #497603)

     o Fixed formatting of sbr in FOs.

     o Added context to the "missing template" error message.

     o Process arg correctly in a group. (Bug #605150)

     o Removed 'keep-with-next' from formal.title.properties attribute set
       now that the stylesheets support the option of putting such titles
       below the object. Now the $placement value determines if
       'keep-with-next' or 'keep-with-previous' is used in the title block.

     o Wrap "url()" around external-destinations when appropriate.

     o Fixed typo in compact list spacing. (Bug #615464)

     o Removed spurious hash in anchor name. (Bug #617717)

     o Address is now displayed verbatim on title pages. (Bug #618600)

     o The bridgehead.in.toc parameter is now properly supported.

     o Improved effectiveness of HTML cleanup by increasing the number of
       places where it is used. Improve use of HTML cleanup in XHTML

     o Support table of contents for appendix in article. (Bug #596599)

     o Don't duplicate footnotes in bibliographys and glossarys. (Bug

     o Added default.image.width. (Bug #516859)

     o Totally reworked funcsynopsis code; it now supports a 'tabular'
       presentation style for 'wide' prototypes; see
       funcsynopsis.tabular.threshold. (HTML only right now, I think, FO
       support, uh, real soon now.)

     o Reworked support for difference marking; toned down the colors a bit
       and added a "system.head.content" template so that the diff CSS wasn't
       overriding "user.head.content". (Bug #610660)

     o Added call to the "*.head.content" elements when writing out long
       description chunks.

     o Make sure legalnotice link is correct even when chunking to a
       different base.dir.

     o Use CSS to set viewport characteristics if css.decoration is non-zero,
       use div instead of p for making graphic a block element; make figure
       titles the default alt text for images in a figure.

     o Added space-after to list.block.spacing.

     o Reworked section.level template to give "correct" answer instead of
       being off by one.

     o When processing tables, use the tabstyle attribute as the division

     o Fixed bug in html2xhtml.xsl that was causing the XHTML chunker to
       output HTML instead of XHTML.

                                        Be seeing you,

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Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>      | One's never alone with a rubber
http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/ | duck.
Chair, DocBook Technical Committee |
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