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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: keep-with-previous and block things inside of paras

At 20:18 08/10/2002, David Cramer wrote:
>XEP 2.7x, but these aren't floats. It's a block thing inside of a para, specifically when there's mixed content before the block thing. 
>    <para>
>      The following image shows just what I mean.
>        <informalfigure float="0">
>          <mediaobject>
>            <imageobject><imagedata fileref="../image.gif"/>
>            </imageobject>
>          </mediaobject>
>        </informalfigure>
>        Here's some more text about the image.
>    </para>
>When the renderer has a choice of putting the image with the text that comes before the image (but is in the same para)or with text that comes after, it should go with the text that comes before.

Yep, sounds reasonable.

> If you have a figure, list, procedure, or whatever inside of a para, you're indicating that the text in that para is closely related to the figure, list, or procedure. 

Err no. That might be your or even my version.
I've slowly learned that its rarely a universal.

>Unfortunately, it's difficult to put together good test cases that show the behavior, but in a document we're working with that has lots of screenshots we had lots of pages where the image was pushed to the next page, while the text that introduced it was on the previous page, sometimes with lots of blank space. 

Mmm/ Messy.

A standard markup, then customisation, sounds about right for that.
Then I'd recommend a 'keep-with-next' with high priority.

Regards DaveP

>Not sure if I'm expressing myself well, but it's intuitive when you see it :)

I was surprised to see you drawing it 'side by side' which
is float end style, hence my comment.

REgards DaveP

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