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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Weirdness with SGML_CATALOG_FILES for xsltproc underWindows

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 09:31:55AM -0400, Philip Glaser wrote:
> Running xsltproc under Windows, I've already discovered the 
> peculiarity of the syntax you have to use in order for xsltproc to 
> successfully locate a catalog file (file:///d:/path/to/file.soc). 
> Now I've discovered that xsltproc will only recognize the catalog 
> file, in this format, if it is the _last_ in the list of 
> directories specified in SGML_CATALOG_FILES. If it helps, here is 
> the entire contents of SGML_CATALOG_FILES:
> c:\sp\pubtext\xml.soc;D:\Data\DTDs\docbook\docbook.soc;D:\Data\DTDs
> \xhtml1\xhtml.soc;d:\data\dtds\featureset\featureset.soc;d:\data\dt
> ds\xslt1.1 
> xslt.soc;file:///d:/data/dtds/xslt1.1/xslt.soc;file:///d:/data/dtds
> /featureset/featureset.soc;file:///D:/Data/DTDs/docbook/docbook.soc
> This is a real pain as it means anytime I want to use a different 
> dtd I have to edit the variable. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

  The way to report xsltproc bugs is described at:


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