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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: XEP for $80

> If it's stamping every page, it's still a demo, and I can't see 
> paying $0.80 for a demo, much less $80.00.

Well, I can imagine scenarios where it would be useful. You might have a production machine that has an appropriate (server or whatever), but individual writers are able to produce drafts that have the stamp. Or you would like your translation company to be able to create previews for in country reviews. Unfortunately, there's no stamped version with the postscript backend. 

> >They also have a $300 license that doesn't
> >stamp your pages.  These prices are much lower than
> >they used to be.
> Yes, but this version still doesn't come with documentation. If you 
> want documentation you need to pay $999.95. This still costs more 
> than FrameMaker/Quark/PageMaker for something that does a lot less.

My understanding of the new pricing is that you have to pay lots extra for the api documentation (and some guaranteed support). If you're using it like framemaker (i.e. to create pdfs on a local machine), then you don't need the api. So to determine the price of the framemaker-like functionality, add the cost of your editor to the cost of the renderer and compare it to the cost of a frame license plus a webworks license (e.g. if you wanted to take your frame content to pdf as well as html help etc like you can with a docbook/xsl tool chain). To be honest, I haven't priced frame or web works recently.


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