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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: XEP for $80


I would like to look at the problem with the PS backend. Would you please
report your problems off-list to support@renderx.com or to dvd@renderx.com (I'm eager to see the samples).

Besides that, Postscript backend and graphics support have been reworked for thecurrently shipped version 3.

Overall, the Postscript backend is rather useful both by itself and as intermediate step between XEP and ghostscript/distiller; it allows easy inclusion of EPS
images into XSL FO documents; it is also widely used for direct printing on postscript printers. 

A PDF into PDF inclusion functionality will be released with the next release of XEP, thus EPS will be of less importance, but PS still has its niche.

I would be great answer XEP but not DOCBOOK specific questions on our support mailing list, xep-support@renderx.com

David Tolpin

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