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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: XEP for $80 (fwd)

> >PDF backend only.  It's available from:
> If it's stamping every page, it's still a demo, and I can't see 
> paying $0.80 for a demo, much less $80.00.

This is a small stamp at a lower left corner of every page. Pretty
much the same thing many paper sheets' makers put on their sheets,
let alone publishers. 

> >They also have a $300 license that doesn't
> >stamp your pages.  These prices are much lower than
> >they used to be.
> Yes, but this version still doesn't come with documentation. If you 
> want documentation you need to pay $999.95. This still costs more 
> than FrameMaker/Quark/PageMaker for something that does a lot less.

I would very much like others to be honest. The only documentation
it does not come with is Java API documentation. All the rest,
including extensive user guide, tutorial, features specification,
free updates for all pending releases of the same version, additional
components developed and released (such as currently available connector
for XML Spy, that works under Win98, too, unlike some other solutions)
is included.

If you need Java API, you will probably need to ask questions. $1000 is the price
of technical support. Those who have access to the support service
do know that it is  a useful resource indeed.

David Tolpin

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