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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: xsltproc -> FOP -> PDF prob?

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 06:24:10PM +0100, ion wrote:
> Here is an interesting observation made by a
> colleague about xsltproc -> FOP -> PDF:
> > Block images DO work, but not when they are in the <artcleinfo> section,
> > which is allowed by the DTD. I used the <graphic> tag, maybe the
> > <mediaobject> stuff is broken.
> Apparantly this does not occur in XHTML output, so I assume that
> the error lies with FOP or the fo produced by xsltproc, is this
> a known problem?

It isn't clear what you mean when you say they don't work.
I suspect you mean it doesn't appear in the output.
That is the case if they graphic or mediaobject
appears as a direct child of articleinfo.
It will appear if you put it inside, say, legalnotice.
That is what the stylesheets are doing, not the 
processor.  It applies to XHTML output as well.

The articleinfo content is processed as part of the
titlepage machinery, which is highly customizable
(which it needs to be since everyone wants their
titlepages to be different).  The list of elements
and their order appear in the titlepage spec file
titlepage.templates.xml (that's .xml) in any of
the html, xhtml, or fo stylesheet directories.

The spec files don't include graphic or mediaobject directly,
since that would determine its order on the titlepage
relative to other elements.  But if a graphic
or mediaobject is a child of one of the specified
elements, it will appear when that element is processed.

You can customize the titlepages all you like,
but you need some doc.  Try:



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