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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Problems in Docbook TOC from Xalan

I sent this message to the docbook mailing list. Since I didn't get any response there, I thought that perhaps docbook-apps may be more appropriate.
Basically my problem was that when using Xalan, java 1.4.0 and Docbook-xsl-1.51.1/html/chunk.xsl, I did not get any TOC in my html file. When I replaced the xsl with docbook-xsl-1.57.0 I now get a nice looking TOC but the links that were created are all wrong. In the html I am getting <a href="ch01.htmlch01.html"> instead of <a href="ch01.html">
I remember having a similar problem six months ago. At that time the the previous and next links had a similar problem. At that time Norm fixed the problem and said that the bug was due to a workaround he did for a xalan bug. I am hoping that there can be a similar fix this time.
Vincent Hikida

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