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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: openoffice dbk export inport

I've tryed to use the templates given in order to
fullfill the necesities of our project, but it was too
limited for our needs.

I'm working just in one side of the problem, XSLT to
translate the OO file to dbk. To cover all our needs,
we have build a template for dockbook more complex and
with more styles to apply than the one given, a ant
build that unzips the sxw file and aplies the xslt,
and a cocoon applet to publish the dbk generated in
pdf via fop and xhtml.

But for the moment, all that is in alpha status, not
ready to be published.

When we got something in beta status, I'll let you all
know in that list.

If someone is working in the same direction, please
let me know, in order to see how we can collaborate. 

 --- Baráth_Gábor <dincsi@elender.hu> escribió: > Hi,
> I realiled that openoffico.org 643 has import and
> export support to docbook with xslt. (if you install
> the mobile device filters. wierd isn't it?)
> but it has no chapter and the default root element
> is
> article.
> there are to stylesheets contrilling the
> transformations
> dokbooktosoff.xsl and sofftodocbook.xsl in a java
> archive
> file named program/classes/docbook.jar.
> is anyone tried to modify this stylesheets to meet
> the
> requirements of standard docbook file (not just
> Linuxdoc)?
> G. 

Carles Canellas.
VicerTec S.L.

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