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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Document structure; how to setup...


I have a few question for you. If you would be so kind...


Is there a way to do something like:

<!-- set.xml -->
<!DOCTYPE set SYSTEM "docbookx.dtd">
  <!-- book1.xml -->
  <!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "docbookx.dtd">

  <!-- book2.xml -->
  <!DOCTYPE book SYSTEM "docbookx.dtd">


  - set
    - book1
    - book2


- DOCTYPE book1
  - book1

- DOCTYPE book2
  - book2

So the editors can process the set and individual books (chapters?)


Can I xref from one book to another?

E.g. from book1.xml to book2.xml.


Can someone give me some hints and tips about how to setup the directory
structure on disk?

Can I use some nested entity definitions for this?

Use logical names (e.g. users_manual.xml, users_manual_chapter_one.xml) or
book01.xml, chapter01.xml.

Is there some reading material / papers available on this subject?




And where to put the images, entities and other stuff?

Separate dirs? Per set or per book?

I really could use some hints and tips from you.

Thank you.

Simon de Kraa
Systems Architect
Logistic Systems

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