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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: XSL-PDF: Wrong Numbering of References to Bibliography

Good Morning list,
Using the latest XSL style, the numbering for the bibliography files is
There are three problems with this:

-  First: When I have more than one <bibliodiv>, the numbering starts
with one for every of these. This means for the PDF version, that a
reference in the text is displayed as for example: [DocBook][1], but
there are more than one entrie numbered [1].

- Second: The number is wrong. I have attached a sample file. In it
there is a <blockquote>, with the attribution pointing to a bookentry.
The generated number is two, but that is the wrong book, it should have
been 1. When I have more books, the number might even be bigger than the
number of books and thus pointing to nothing at all.

- Third: This is part of my bookentry block:
 <biblioentry id="biblioDocBook">
  <title id="biblioDocBookT">DocBook: The Definitive Guide</title>

  When I reference this with:
  <attribution><xref linkend="biblioDocBook"/></attribution>
  The display is "[DocBook][1]", which I consider correct (see above).

  If however, I reference it like this:
  <attribution><xref linkend="biblioDocBookT"/></attribution>
  In this case, I would want it to look like this: [DocBook: The
Definitive Guide][1],
  as I referenced the title explicitly.
Stephan Wiesner

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