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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Customising Docbook DSSSL


To allow me to use Docbook for my documentation I need my documents
to follow our in house documentation style in rtf format.  I'm using

OpenJade version "1.3.1"
Docbook SGML DTD 4.2
Docbook DSSSL version "1.77"

Unfortunatly I failed at the first hurdle,  I'm trying to change
the footer so it looks like (including the line seperator)

Company Name                                        Page n of N

So far I have in my driver,

(define %generate-article-titlepage-on-separate-page% #t)
(define %generate-article-toc% #t)
(define %generate-article-toc-on-titlepage% #f)
(define %section-autolabel% #t)
(define %example-rules% #t)

(define (page-inner-footer gi)
  (make sequence
	font-posture: 'italic
	font-family-name: "Helvetica"
	font-size: 8pt
	(literal "Serco Technology")))

(define (page-outer-footer gi)
  (make sequence
 	font-posture: 'italic
 	font-family-name: "Helvetica"
 	font-size: 8pt
 	(literal "page ")
 	($page-number-header-footer$) ; *
 	(literal " of ")
 	;; ???

* I had to copy and paste $page-number-header-footer$ from the
docbook dsssl into my driver file.

Any tips on how I can get the page total and footer (and header)
line sperator?  Also using the footer above I get the following
for page-outer-footer

"" - title page
"ii" - toc
"3"  - first page of text
"page 4 of " - next page
"page 5 of "

Any ideas why page three does'nt use my supplied page-outer-footer?

Finally are there any tutorials/resources on customising dsssl in
general? It seems a lot more work than using xsl, maybe I've just
missed something.

Thanks for reading,

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