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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: programlisting extra line


just end your CDATA and programmlisting directly after your last
code word. An example for the code you sent:

blah blah blah ]]!></programmlisting><!-- ends in the same line -->

This should work. A tip: you do not have to encapsulate code
in tables, just set the following parameter:

<xsl:param name="shade.verbatim" select="1"/>



At 21:28 09.11.2002 +0000, ion wrote:
>Does anyone have a suitable solution to the "extra line" problem
>illustrated by the XHTML code below:
>blah blah blah
>I encapsulate programlistings and screen sections in tables so
>that they are shaded, but, I get the extra line that is produced
>by the code above. Any ideas on how to remove it?

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