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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: HTML Help "Related Topics" button


We are developing a single-sourcing project with pdf and HTML Help as
outputs. I would like to have dynamic links in my HTML Help, and I
was thinking of using Related Topics (or See also) -type buttons.
When the user clicks the button, a popup menu appears with topic
headings related to the subject. The help selects the topics based on
keywords. The keywords are indexterms in DocBook and we have
generated a .hkk file.

The input in XML would provide the text written on the button and the
The output in HTML would be something like:

  ID="KeywordSearch"  TYPE="application/x-oleobject">
  <PARAM  NAME="Command"  VALUE="KLink,MENU">
  <PARAM  NAME="Button"  VALUE="Text:Typical settings">
  <PARAM  NAME="Font"  VALUE="MS Sans Serif,8,0,,">
  <PARAM  NAME="Item1"  VALUE="">
  <PARAM  NAME="Item2"  VALUE="Fluorescence intensity">

where "Typical settings" is the text on the button and "Fluorescence
intensity" is the keyword. It should be possible to give several
keywords, if necessary.

I have also seen similar dynamic links with no button, just a link
which also opens a popup menu.

My question is: 

- is this kind of functionality already in the DocBook XSL? (we
couldn't find it)
- if there isn't, has anybody implemented anything similar?
- if there is, how should I tag the button information in XML?

(We use Instant Saxon)

Thank you in advance!

Pirjo :-)

Pirjo Tinat
Documentation Specialist, Team Manager
Done Information Oy
Tukholmankatu 2, 00250 Helsinki
tel. +358-(0)20 525 3380
mobile +358-(0)40 830 5171

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