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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: HTML Help "Related Topics" button

 --- Jirka Kosek <jirka@kosek.cz> wrote: > Pirjo Tinat wrote:
> If I understand it correctly, related topics is a just a list of
> links.
> In that case you can use itemizedlist with some role to selectively
> process this list as related topics.
In case of dynamic links, it is not a list of links, as I cannot be
sure in advance that all the topics will be present in the help or if
there will be some new topics added in the future. The help system is
evolving all the time and we produce several customized versions of

That is why I want to use the KeywordSearch functionality of HTML
Help: I know that from topic "Labels: parameter ABC" I want the user
to be able to access all other Label parameters, which all have been
given the indexterm "Label parameters". However, I cannot be sure in
advance which particular Label parameters will be present in the
customer's application or if the application is going to include new
Label parameters in the near future. As the system is large, I don't
want to search for all the instances, where I have Related Topics
buttons to add or remove topics from the list, instead I want HTML
Help to do it for me dynamically, using the keyword. Now if I add a
new Label parameter topic, I have to remember to add the indexterm
Label parameters as well as the Related Topics button, but that is

I hope the distinction is clearer now.

Pirjo :-)

Pirjo Tinat
Documentation Specialist, Team Manager
Done Information Oy
Tukholmankatu 2, 00250 Helsinki
tel. +358-(0)20 525 3380
mobile +358-(0)40 830 5171

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