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Subject: RE: DOCBOOK-APPS: Entity defs per XML file?

Ehm, not really... (-;

I do not want to define all entities in main.xml (where the DOCTYPE is, as
you indicated), but divide them over the different XML files where the
entities are actually used.

The main reason: so I can isolate the (sub)documents from the rest of the

So in main.xml I only want to define 'books.userman' and 'books.implman'.
In 'books.userman' only 'ch01.userman', 'ch02.userman', etc. (the chapters
of the 'books.userman').
In 'ch02.userman' only 'ch02.userman.inbound', 'ch02.userman.inbound' and
'ch02.userman.inbound' (the sections of 'ch02.userman').

Something like:


<!ENTITY books.userman          SYSTEM "books/userman/userman.xml">
<!ENTITY books.implman          SYSTEM "books/implman/implman.xml">


<!ENTITY ch01.userman           SYSTEM "books/userman/ch01.xml">
<!ENTITY ch02.userman           SYSTEM "books/userman/ch02.xml">
<!ENTITY ch03.userman           SYSTEM "books/userman/ch03.xml">
<!ENTITY ch04.userman           SYSTEM "books/userman/ch04.xml">
<!ENTITY ch05.userman           SYSTEM "books/userman/ch05.xml">


<!ENTITY ch02.userman.inbound   SYSTEM "books/userman/ch02_inbound.xml">
<!ENTITY ch02.userman.storage   SYSTEM "books/userman/ch02_storage.xml">
<!ENTITY ch02.userman.outbound  SYSTEM "books/userman/ch02_outbound.xml">



-----Original Message-----
From: Fischer, Oliver [mailto:plexus@snafu.de]
Sent: woensdag 13 november 2002 12:27
To: Kraa de Simon
Cc: docbook-apps@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: Entity defs per XML file?

Hm, I hope that I understood you right... Do you mean something like this?

<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN" 

<!ENTITY pkg_base SYSTEM "pkg_base.xml">
<!ENTITY pkg_coll SYSTEM "pkg_coll.xml">
<!ENTITY pkg_coll_helpers SYSTEM "pkg_coll_helpers.xml">
<!ENTITY pkg_coll_helpers SYSTEM "pkg_counter.xml">
<!ENTITY pkg_count SYSTEM "pkg_count.xml">
<!ENTITY pkg_iter SYSTEM "pkg_iter.xml">
<!ENTITY name_origin SYSTEM "name_origin.xml">
<!ENTITY requirements SYSTEM "requirements.xml">
<!ENTITY distribution SYSTEM "distribution.xml">
<!ENTITY resources SYSTEM "resources.xml">
<!ENTITY project_goal SYSTEM "project_goal.xml">
<!ENTITY deprecatedForVersionOne SYSTEM "deprecatedForV1.xml">


Oliver Fischer - plexus[AT]snafu[DOT]de
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