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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK-APPS: openoffice dbk export inport

This mail was forwarded to me by a colleague before
I joined the list. OpenOffice.org will release a
new developer release with improved stylesheets for
DocBook export and import. I would like to this 
opportunity to explain some background.

Replies to Gábor and Carles inline.
(I have cc'ed you because of the delay in answering).

> --- Baráth_Gábor <dincsi@elender.hu> escribió: > Hi,
>> I realiled that openoffico.org 643 has import and
>> export support to docbook with xslt. (if you install
>> the mobile device filters. wierd isn't it?)
Correct.  This work was done as a proof-of-concept 
based on work done to support mobile devices. 
Hypothesis - OpenOffice.org could serve as an WYSIWYG 
editor for XML content based on styles mapping to tags.

>> but it has no chapter and the default root element
>> is article.
Yes.  Our initial sample documents where technical 
documents from GNOME.  Based on our experience 
to-date, our assumption is that different templates 
would be required to support Book/Chapter v. Article.  
>> there are to stylesheets contrilling the
>> transformations dokbooktosoff.xsl and 
>> sofftodocbook.xsl in a java archive
>> file named program/classes/docbook.jar.
>> is anyone tried to modify this stylesheets to meet
>> the requirements of standard docbook file (not just
>> Linuxdoc)?

Our estimate is that as of the next release - later 
this week - the transformations will support 50% of 
tags commonly used by GNOME documentation writers.
Feedback, or better still patches, for missing tag 
support welcome.

>> G. 

-- "Carles Canellas" <ccanellasc@yahoo.es>

>I've tryed to use the templates given in order to
>fullfill the necesities of our project, but it was too
>limited for our needs.
>I'm working just in one side of the problem, XSLT to
>translate the OO file to dbk. To cover all our needs,
>we have build a template for dockbook more complex and
>with more styles to apply than the one given, a ant
>build that unzips the sxw file and aplies the xslt,
>and a cocoon applet to publish the dbk generated in
>pdf via fop and xhtml.

Will you open source the template (and transformations)?
xml.openoffice.org/xmerge is a framework designed 
to enable transformations to be plugged in.  
Transformations are available to client applications 
from MIME information provide in the plug-in. 
For example, I am a plug-in which can transform 
OpenOffice.org to XHTML or OOo_XML to LaTex.  
Framework handles all the packing and unpacking 
of the various XML files and embedded objects 
(for the LaTex case).

- James.

>But for the moment, all that is in alpha status, not
>ready to be published.
>When we got something in beta status, I'll let you all
>know in that list.
>If someone is working in the same direction, please
>let me know, in order to see how we can collaborate. 
>Carles Canellas.
>VicerTec S.L.
>Yahoo! Messenger
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>Descárgalo ya desde http://messenger.yahoo.es

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