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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: XSL-FO - Howto obtain figures inside a box and titlebelow the figure ?

Hi all,

I have 2 requests :

1/ I want to obtain in my PDF output all <figure> elements contained inside a box with small margin. I use Docbook XSL Stylesheet 1.57.0 and  FOP 0.24.

I think to use a personnal stylesheet but I wonder if a confguration option is possible.

I'm not at all familiar with XSL-FO and I wonder if you can you give me an extract of XSLT file to do that.

2/ For title below the figure I used to configure DSSSL stylesheets as follows :

(define ($object-titles-after$)
  ;; List of objects who's titles go after the object
    (normalize "figure")
    (normalize "table")))

Is it possible to have the same config option with XSL stylesheets ? (as above an XSLT extract will be fine)


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