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Robert P. J. Day said:
>   given that i've concentrated exclusively on docbook and 
> XSL stylesheets, am i correct in assuming that DSSSL stylesheets
> are an alternative to XSL?  (which, AFAICT, i have no interest
> in since i'm restricting myself to XSL).

I prefer to think of XSL as an alternative to DSSSL :-)

>   which leads to a related question -- as i read it, the jade
> package works strictly with DSSSL, so i'm assuming i would have
> little interest in that as well, unless jade handles XSL and it
> just isn't documented that way.

No, jade doesn't do XSL. However there was some talk a while ago
about redeveloping jade so it was more modular, thereby allowing
XSL to be added, I'm sure there are people who know a lot more
about that than I do on this list. If you are solely interested in
XSL jade will not be of interest to you.  However, if you have 
time it is well worth a look.

While both do similar things they do have their own strengths and
weaknesses which make them more suitable for different tasks. IMHO
XSL's strengths are it is straight forward to learn and a lot of
browsers can use it.  

DSSSL however is a lot more powerful than XSL, however that power
comes at a price. Developing a DSSSL stylesheet is a programming
task, which if  you aren't familiar with scheme (or something 
similar e.g. lisp) there will be a learning curve.  While this 
is true with XSL it is more so with DSSSL. Being a full fledged
programming language DSSSL is capable of doing quite complex
logic without jumping through hoops or using extensions.

On the down side DSSSL is an offline task (unless you wrap jade
with some CGI scripts).  Tool support is much better for XSL,
as are learning resources.  Unfortunately DSSSL just never took

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