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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Re: Chunked HTML file names too long for ISO9660

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb@dod.no>:

> Yesterday I discovered that when I inserted a CDROM containing a
> chunked HTML document on a Win2k machine, I found some of the pages
> missing.  The reason was that the file names were too long.  I have
> use.id.as.filename, and some of my IDs were too long.

For the record: 27 characters is too long.  26 characters work OK.

The CDROM was burned from an ISO image that was created, using the
following flags to mkisofs:

	-R \
	-allow-lowercase \
	-allow-multidot \
	-graft-points \
	-iso-level 3 \
	-L \
	-f \
	-m CVS

Note that linux doesn't seem to have the 26 char limit on file names,
that Win2k does.  But since I have moved beyond the iso9660 standard,
this behaviour is not to be trusted.

There are more flags I can use, eg. -max-iso9660-filenames, but the
warnings attached to this flag in the mkisofs man page makes me think
I'm better off without it.  Better to shorten the file names.

Also note that it's the main part of the file name that is shortened,
not the combined name and extension string.
Ie. some_shortened_name.html, not some_shortened_name.ht

> I'm changing the troublesome IDs now, but is there some way to fix
> this automatically?  Either shorten the filenames and links to the
> files when generating the chunked HTML, or generate warnings/errors?

As two people pointed out to me in email: a warning is OK, but
automatically shortening the file names can lead to conflict, and
non-persistent external links (which is a major reason for using
use.id.as.filename in the first place).


- Steinar

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