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Subject: DOCBOOK-APPS: Best Practices

Hello all,
Is anyone maintaining a "Best Practices" to do with developing an XML Authoring system?
To explain:
For non-technical persons, or those short on time, who already realize the benefit of XML Authoring, the implementation process can seem to be complex and lengthy. Often this would result in management concluding that while long-term benefit can be demonstrated, the cost and risk associated with implementation of an XML Authoring system is prohibitively costly and risky. That benefit will not be attained for the short to medium term.
In an effort to reduce the barrier to entry I would like to develop a document called  "Best Practices for Implementation of an XML Authoring". This document is a not a business case. Rather it is an addendum to the business case. The document assumes that a business case has been demonstrated and that the solution will include the use of DocBook XML DTD or Scheme. As a by product, the document may provide input or insight to enable more accurate assessment of the cost involved.
The purpose of the document is to demonstrate a readily available, acceptable solution, cost optimized and implemental within a reasonable time frame of six months. The content should assist in fast tracking the implementation by providing "Best Practices" or a "Standard" by which to measure and select systems/methods:
  • Desktop Tool chain
  • Revision Control
  • Database Storage
  • Translation System
  • Porting Legacy to XML
  • Training Authors
  • Markup Guide
  • Style Guide
If I have left anything out, please let me know.
Naturally I have been able to locate some of this information by reading across a number of Web Sites, but I cannot find a single resource that is made credible by way of community backing. Some Web Sites are maintained by people on doc-book-apps and generally I can consider them useful input. Others are not and generally have a marketing bias. While many articles concur with one another, they generally have conflicts in their suggestions, which inevitably leads to  debate and ultimately results in my having to perform a detailed competitive analysis across a number of tools. A task I dread as it takes me of the fast track.
The question is: What are the "Best Practices" as seen by people that have extensive experience in the subject?
Does such a guideline exist?
Can we produce it as benchmark?
If this is not being done, I am willing to contribute to coordinating and developing the document as a resource. However, in a document of such nature it is important to have majority consensus within the community. I will therefore need the assistance of list members with input and resolution of just what is preferred "Best Practice".
Please feel free to contact me if you feel you can provide the baseline for discussion one one or more of the points above.
If you feel that I have neglected something please let me know.
Alternately, if you feel that this project should not be undertaken, please say so.
Sean Wheller

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