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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] XInclude: multiple <preface>s

On Tue, Apr 01, 2003 at 05:53:22PM +0100, Dave Pawson wrote:
> I'm slowly beginning to see the advantages of groves as well as trees,
> and am hoping that w3c amongst others will pick it up and run, which
> might eventually come full circle and tempt Daniel?

  Something like XQuery maybe, but it's an huge task.
Already the base XML specs which are "just" data description
are really hard to get right, but as soon as you need some kind
of data store thing gets insanely complex.

> >the problem directly.  Rather, the XML Infoset would need to be
> >augmented to define an infoset for things with multiple roots--that
> >is, an infoset for things that are NOT XML documents.

  The hardest parts are would not be multiple root itself, it would
be to try to keep consistency with older parts of the XML design.

> >It's not like others haven't thought about this before.  This is
> >trickier than it looks which is why it hasn't yet been done, but
> >it may yet get done, especially if the user community puts the
> >pressure in the right spot.
> Which is where I see xml-dev coming in? The have a history
> of seeing the problems as well as the ideas.


> <chuckle/> Personal view Paul, I have this 'gang of rebels' view
> of the xml-dev people, I think sax showed that beautifully. Equally

  Sorry as an implementor SAX is for me a disaster. The event 
based programming model makes it a nightmare for a lot of "normal"
programmers, it's specified only for Java, is really not good for C,
forces to drop entities in attributes, is not sufficient to pass
all the context informations to upper layers, etc. Designed by a
team of Java programmers who could take advantage of the event
model, but also IMHO one of the key reasons why handling XML is perceived
as hellish by a lot of programmers.


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