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Subject: Trouble with title pages

I've been trying to set up a title page but I've had no success when trying to add an image to it. I've generated a titlepage template: 

<t:templates xmlns:t="http://nwalsh.com/docbook/xsl/template/1.0"

<t:variable name="section.autonumber" select="true()"/>  

<t:titlepage element="book" wrapper='fo:block' >         
    <t:titlepage-content side='recto'>                   
      <title predicate="[1]"/>
      <subtitle predicate="[1]"/>                        


In my book I've this bookinfo and more:

  <title>Installation Guide Conrad PACS interface</title>
	<imagedata fileref="218.jpg" format="JPEG"></imagedata>

The JPEG-file is located in the same directory as the XML-file. Is this correct? I haven't found any good examples on this and I am not very experienced yet.

What I really want to do is something similar to what David Cramer suggested in:
http://www.dpawson.co.uk/docbook/styling/titlepage.html#d1466e176 but I haven't got it working either.

My title page should look something like my attachment but nicer.

Any ideas?



Kenneth Johansson	Technical Documentation Manager
Sectra Imtec AB
Teknikringen 2		E-mail: ke-joh AT sectra DOT se
SE-583 30 Linköping	Phone:	+46 13 23 52 00
SWEDEN			Web:	http://www.sectra.se


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