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Subject: Re: section titles as links, turning off in non-html output

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/ ed nixon <ed.nixon@lynnparkplace.org> was heard to say:
| I may have painted myself into a corner while trying to create some
| (hopefully) intuitive navigation functionality in a sdocbook article
| I'm working on. I've added a ULINK element to the TITLE for SECTION.
| Of course it works as expected and like a charm when I'm generating my
| html output.

It sounds like you used ulink to make an intra-document link. If so,
why? I would have used <link> myself.

| Questions:
| * Being almost totally ignorant of the DSSSL side of the stylesheets,
| is there a handy parameter that might allow me to defeat this
| functionalisty.
| * Will I run into similar issues with link-enabled titles with, say,
| the FO output on the XSLT side? If so, is there an easy solution?

Yes, and yes, as Doug and Bob pointed out.

                                        Be seeing you,

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