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Subject: Re: Create caps presentation of phrase?

>>>>> Jeff Beal <jeff.beal@ansys.com>:

> Depending on how sophisticated your target environments are, both
> XSL-FO and CSS have the text-transform property that does this.  I
> know FOP doesn't support this, but XEP does.  I'm not sure how
> widely supported the CSS property is, though.
> This *may* have less language-specific issues.  (i.e. You won't have
> to add letters to the already lengthy transform arguments to support
> letters outside of the English alphabet.)

Thanx for the tip on the i18n issue.

However I only need it for English text right now, and I have to rely
on what FOP can support, so for the time being I'm going with Bob's

- Steinar

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