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Subject: Re: Current date?

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/ "Scott Shepard" <scottdavidshepard@hotmail.com> was heard to say:
| There is something you can put in a docbook-xsl customization layer.
| Saxon has extensions you can use to make this happen. Here are two
| site addresses you might find useful:
| http://saxon.sourceforge.net/saxon6.5.2/extensions.html#EXSLT
| http://www.exslt.org/date/index.html
| I cannot offer any more advise on this. Date/Time features do not seem
| to be a part of the XML/XSLT specifications. So I look to the
| processors for that. But I am very new at this, so there may be
| another, better way.

Nope, that's the way. XSLT 2.0 will have direct support for dates and

As to the question of what you can put in the DocBook document,
there's no support for "today's date". You'll have to use a stylesheet

Except for some special circumstances, I think dating documents with
the date they were formatted is not very useful. It tends to make two
documents appear to be different even if they were simply formatted on
two different days.

My own approach to the "today's date" versioning problem is to use a
CVS $Date$ somewhere. That way it's automatically updated whenever I
checkin a new version of a document.

Just my two cents.

                                        Be seeing you,

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