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Subject: Re: footnotes and their separators

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/ flo@abwesend.de was heard to say:
| - numbering of footnotes
| is there a way to number (bop-)footnotes per page instead of using one
| series of successing numbers for the hole document?
| If those numbers values are available during the transformation process,
| this could help me to solve the other problem:

Not that I know of. The numbers are not available during
transformation because that occurs before pagination. You could reset
the numbers at chapter boundaries or something though; they don't have
to be consecutive throughout the entire document.

| - using proper footnote separators
| How can I customize my stylesheets that a fo:leader occurs above every first
| footnote item at the bottom of the page?
| I am at a point where the leader is created above every footnote numbered
| with "1".

That's interesting. Can you provide a sample document where you get
one footnote with a leader separator and another without?

I think this is probably an FOP bug.

| What about that way: include into the fo-file a statement like
| "init global variable _last_ , (*)if current page-number not equals _last_
| or _last_ is initial, save current pagenumber as variable _last_ and add the
| fo:leader- Separator. at next footnote goto (*)"

No mutable variables in functional languages.

| what about the flow xsl-footnote-separator? I get a
| [ERROR] region-name 'xsl-footnote-separator' doesn't exist in the
| layout-master-set.
| while formatting with manually inserted
|  <fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-footnote-separator"><fo:block><fo:leader
| leader-pattern="rule" leader-length="100%" rule-thickness="0.5pt"
| rule-style="solid" color="black"/></fo:block></fo:static-content>
| into the .fo to the right location.

If FOP supports xsl-footnote-separator, then the stylesheets need to
be tweaked to use it. At the moment, they don't use it if FOP is being
used because the last time I tried, FOP didn't understand it.

Your error makes me think it still doesn't. That'd be a FOP bug.

                                        Be seeing you,

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