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Subject: Re: 'pgwide' attribute in 'figure' element as a child of 'glossdef'

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 09:06:29AM +0100, Norman Walsh wrote:

> | Since the figure is part of the glossdef block, I don't
> | think you can get it to center on the page without
> | further intervention.
> Would setting the left and right margins to zero if pgwide=1 is
> specified do The Right Thing?

Wouldn't the image being in a fo:list-item-body element prevent this?
Or could the margins be over-ridden?  (As an aside, I can't quite
decide whether centering the image in the page when it's part of the
glossary definition would look good or not.  In the situation I was
describing, I just scaled the image down far enough, and it looked
quite good centred in the definition block.)



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