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Subject: Re: Current date?

>>>>> Norman Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>:

> Except for some special circumstances, I think dating documents with
> the date they were formatted is not very useful. It tends to make
> two documents appear to be different even if they were simply
> formatted on two different days.

I agree.  This was my first thought as well.

> My own approach to the "today's date" versioning problem is to use a
> CVS $Date$ somewhere. That way it's automatically updated whenever I
> checkin a new version of a document.

How about a PI to extract the actual date as inserted by CVS in
$Date$, and transform it according to a date specification (as was
suggested for the formatting date PI)?

One may not wish to reveal that CVS is used as the versioning system,
or one may not like CVS' formatting of the date.

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