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Subject: various errors running xslt stylesheet 1.60.1 with xalan 2.5.d1


I've noticed various errors running the xsl stylesheet with my xalan

# xhtml

1) ulinks are broken (href ist lost in space)
sample output: '<a ="" target="_top">http://test/</a>'
  where 'http://test/' was the content of the url attribute

     template xhtml/xref.xsl kill the xmlns attribute for <a>
     in the ulink template.

     This produces a link like <a xmlns="" href="http://test/" target="_top">http://test/</a>
     but at least a link

2) index section has no links
The index lists all indexterm elements. But none of them has any <a> entry.
(not even a broken one).

# FO

1) all 'chapters' have no links in 'bookmarks' and TOC 
2) index entries
  - <primary>, <secondary>, <tertiary>
    For each lower level item ( primary > secondary > tertiary)
    the higher level item gets an additional page reference.
  <indexterm><primary>ab</primary> <secondary>a1</secondary> </indexterm>
  <indexterm><primary>ab</primary> <secondary>a2</secondary> </indexterm>
  ab xx,x1,x2
    a1  x1
    a2  x2

  where i think it should be
  ab xx
    a1  x1
    a2  x2

  Is this some wrong asumption on my side ?

3) footnote for ulinks are not generated
  <!-- generate a footnote for ulinks           -->
  <xsl:param name="ulink.footnotes" select="1"/>
  <!-- generate a footnote for ulinks           -->
  <xsl:param name="ulink.footnote.number.format" select="'i'"/>
  does not, as stated by the manual generate footnoted URL's.


Jens Skripczynski
E-Mail: skripi-lists(at)myrealbox(dot)com

Gehe Grosse Dinge mit Gelassenheit an. [...] Und nehme kleine Dinge ernst.
                                -- aus "Ghost Dog"

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