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Subject: xsl: generating id's at wrong place ?


I noticed, that some references and page numbers in my pdf file are 
missing and I investigated a bit:

It seems that saxon (and xalan) do not generate pagenumbers and links for
- main page
- chapters
- Index
- References

Comparing the links, that are generated with the missing I noticed links ending in
  <fo:page-sequence id="d0e2064" hyphenate="true" master-reference="index-draft" language="en" format="1">
are not linked.  others like:
      <fo:block id="d0e194">

I do not know, if this is an processing-error since both xsl processors
get it wrong, would it be an idea to move the id to some empty fo:block 
element ?


Jens Skripczynski
E-Mail: skripi-lists(at)myrealbox(dot)com

There are only 10 types of people in this world: 
those who understand binary and those who don't.
                                   -- found in Norman Walsh signature

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