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Subject: LE madness

I imagine there's a simple resolution for this, but I've reached
the point of apathy by way of confused frustration.

I tried to use ≤ in a document.  Silly me.

When generating PDF via FOP and XEP, I noticed that the character
was butchered; it was rendered as "#" by one, and as a space by
the other.  I don't recall which was which, off-hand.

The .fo file generated through the XSL stylesheets uses the
Unicode character, x2264.

I looked at XEP's example symbol.fo, which does the following:

  <fo:block text-align="center" font="11pt Symbol">&#8804;</fo:block>

Why 8804?  No idea.  But that does work, for XEP.  FOP doesn't
support the font attribute.

If that's the standard mechanism, should the DocBook stylesheets
support it?  If it's not, what should I be doing to get FOP (I'm
only experimenting with XEP) to do "less than/equal" properly?
I've given up and moved on to "&lt;=" for now.

John R. Daily                                        jdaily@progeny.com
Director of Technology                            Progeny Linux Systems
                    Master of the ephemeral epiphany

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