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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Tool for Word->DocBook conversion (UpCast?)


> There is mention on DocBook 
> Wiki that an XSL can then be applied to create the DocBook result..
> anyone have anymore insight on this?

I asked the people at infinityloop if they already got a stylesheet to
convert their upCast XML to DocBook and they indeed did. I attached the
file to this mail. It might need some customization but it basically
works quite well. 

Personally, I started using upCast after a rough evaluation of some of
the other tools mentioned on the list. It proved very useful for
conversions of medium and large Word Documents w/ formulas, images,
embedded stuff etc. 

Unicode might be an issue in your case, it wasn't for me, and it seems
that the preview release 3.2.1 and also the 4.0 beta have some unicode
support available and even the possibility to directly generate output
for a specific DTD. I didn't check in detail, but maybe you want to have
a look at it.



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e-mail: mailto:johann.richard@dspfactory.ch

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