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Subject: One TOC and one glossary for multiple docbook XML files


Here is my problem. We are several people, and each of us is writing his
own docbook document(s). These files are quite short, and they can have
cross-references to each other. We decided to use olinks in order to
keep flexibility when publishing the corresponding HTML files. We also
use profiling to be able to show or hide some texts to the reader,
depending on the userlevel we set.
That works fine.

The bad point is about TOC and glossary. I wish I know if we can create
*one* TOC and *one* glossary only, for all our XML files... The aim
would be to have a unique TOC file with links to the XML files (or HTML
ones when published), and a unique glossary file, pointed to by the XML
files using the glossterms (same way: pointed to by HTML files when

Any idea ?

Yan Bilik

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